Your New Jersey Landscaping Checklist for This March

Your New Jersey Landscaping Checklist for This March

Now that you’ve successfully fought your way through the harsh New Jersey winter, it’s time to start planning for your spring yard! Here’s a landscaping checklist for March that will have your yard looking great all summer long.

Early preparation 

The first step in creating a beautiful yard is to plan ahead of time. March is a great time to inspect your landscaping tools and clean off any residual dirt and debris. Also make sure to complete any tool repairs before the season begins.

This is also the ideal time to clean up from the winter months. You should clean up any flowers and plants that died over the winter and cut back ornamental grasses in your landscape.

Lawn care 

Although the yard may not be the most eye-catching feature of your landscape, it is an essential component. It’s critical to take action now to guarantee that your yard is colorful and healthy throughout the year.

You might notice several bare spots in your lawn towards the end of the cold New Jersey winter. You shouldn’t ignore the bare spots since it can adversely affect the health of your yard. 

Plan out your garden

  • Attend flower shows to see the latest trends
  • Shop catalogs to get some inspiration
  • Prune shrubs and plants
  • Stockpile the seeds you need
  • Seed your garden

If you want assistance in preparing your garden for the coming season, call on specialists who can assist you. Our experts at Elite Development Group have the knowledge to make your yard a showroom for all of New Jersey! Contact us today and learn how you can help you!

Fall Landscaping and Winter Preparation

Most people believe that Spring is the best time to update their yards, but Fall is actually a better time to complete your outdoor enhancements. There are plenty of reasons why Fall is a prime season for landscape projects like planting, pruning, or adding irrigation. Here’s why:

Plants and trees

Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs because it’s the best environment for these plants to become established. As cooler temperatures come in and increased rain comes down, the Fall season helps the root systems to develop and reduces the initial shock a plant experiences when it is transplanted.


These cooler months are also a great opportunity to take care of your lawn. Your lawn should be given a proper feeding with a winterizer fertilizer at a minimum. This will give your lawn the nutrients it needs before the winter season comes. You should also rake fallen leaves regularly to give your lawn maximum light and air flow.

Irrigation and drainage

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of the cooler months and assess your irrigation system.  This can help determine any potential problems for winter drainage. You should ensure that it’s properly winterized in time for the cold temperatures on the way to avoid any freezing or cracking pipes.

Winter prepping

While lawns need to be fertilized in the fall, most plants should not receive feeding during this time, but they should be pruned. Along with pruning, another important step in prepping for winter is to cut back any weeds you notice growing wild. When it comes to pest control, you should wait to treat your plants until dormancy in the winter.

Maintaining your home’s landscaping can be an arduous task, but Elite Development Group makes it easy with upscale monthly maintenance services for your home and garden. Contact us today and let the professionals keep your garden looking fresh.