The majority of time spent on lawn care is from mowing. By cutting your grass at the precise height, you not only make your home more eye-appealing but also help support growth.

The frequency with which you mow your lawn is determined by a number of variables. These include rainfall amounts, soil type, grass type, fertilizer application, and how much time you have to finish the job. Here are some overall best mowing timings for your lawn to get you started.

Types of Turf 

Turf is a term for all of the living plants in your lawn, which are usually gathered together as a single entity. Turf grows at various rates depending on grass type, weather, and amount of shade.

Cool-season grasses 

When it comes to grasses, cool-season grasses develop fast in the spring and fall seasons and must be cut more often when rainfall amounts are greater. Mowing on the high side of your grass type’s optimal height early in the season may assist with broadleaf weed control.

Warm-season grasses 

Warm-season grasses thrive in the south and southwestern United States, with hot summers and mild winters. Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Buffalo grasses flourish during the summer heat but do not survive as long as cool-season grasses when it is cold outside. These grasses will need to be cut more often when it rains frequently as it does in many areas of the country.

Shade grasses 

Since grasses rely heavily on sunlight, it is more difficult to get them to grow in shady areas. At most garden supply stores you can find shade-grown lawn mixtures, but even still it is difficult to keep a shaded lawn looking neat and tidy because germination depends largely on the amount of light exposure. Another option might be worth considering would be raising your blade when you mow and doing so less often.

New lawn 

When you’re growing a new lawn, make sure to keep it mowed at the same time as an established lawn. Once your new grass has reached its optimal height, feel free to begin trimming; however, if you cut too soon, the young leaves might get damaged.

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