If you’re like many homeowners, your winter landscaping can look a little dull after the bright colors and textures in the other seasons. But you can still have a beautiful garden and landscape during this quiet season! Here are some of the best winter landscaping tips to help your yard look great this season.

Focus on the bark

If you have interesting ornamental trees with distinctive bark patterns, it can really add to your winter landscaping look. Plus those trees tend to be smaller and easier to find spots for within the landscape. Try using dogwood shrubs and birch trees since both have great winter color and texture.

Use plants with berries

Many trees and shrubs hold onto their berries throughout the fall and winter, which can also provide food for birds overwintering in your area. Crabapples and holly with berries can make a great addition to the winter landscape!

Remember the evergreens

Evergreens are definitely the workhorses in the winter landscape for a number of reasons. They’re perfect for the winter landscape and make good focal points all year-round. Evergreens also come in many different colors including golds and blues!

Rework your summertime containers

Window boxes, hanging baskets, winter-hardy containers: All are indispensable for winter landscaping. If you don’t want to fill your planters with live plants, you can also stuff them with evergreen boughs of different textures and colors.

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