Now that the temperatures are cooling and the days are getting shorter, it’s time to swap out your summer garden for a fall look! Fall flowers are just as beautiful as ones that bloom in the summer, and are strong enough to survive cooler nights and frosts. Here are some Fall flowers to consider adding to your garden this season:


Chrysanthemums, or Mums for short, come in just about every color and are a very popular Fall flower. These flowers in yellow, red, and orange will give your space a festive look.


Aster is a step outside of the traditional warm, Fall color palette, but they still make a great addition to your garden. They’re also great for feeding bees and butterflies during the season.


These easy to care for flowers make the perfect accent to a container garden. Their interesting shape and texture set them apart from other fall flowers.


These flowers are versatile and are heavy blooming, meaning they’re great for covering a lot of land. Plus, if you plant Pansies in the fall, they’ll bloom again in the spring.

Black-Eyed Susan

These golden, daisy-like flowers are another favorite for bees and butterflies! Black-Eyed Susans also pair well with mums and asters when for a rich look. 

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