Are you looking to turn your outdoor patio into your personal oasis? Well, look no further! There are a number of ways to use your patio depending on your lifestyle. But before you begin your redesign or remodel, you should determine what it’s function will be. Here are a few ways you can transform your patio this summer:

Outdoor living

Bring your indoor living outside and enjoy the fresh air! A patio meant for outdoor living can include couches, coffee tables, and arm chairs, and more. If you want to bring your patio to the next level, you might want to add an entertainment area with a firepit and TV.

Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining patios are a great choice if you enjoy dining al fresco. With these kinds of outdoor areas, set up tables and chairs to seat your friends and family. Depending on how much space is available, you can find tables that seat anywhere from 2-10 guests.

Sun and lounging

A patio meant for lounging in the sunshine is another great way to use your backyard, especially if you already have a pool. For these kinds of patios, think about how many lounge chairs you’ll want and if you should consider installing a shade structure as well. 

Materials and colors

Once you determine your outdoor patio’s function, think about the different materials, patterns, and colors you want to use. Natural earth tones can blend in with the existing landscape, but that shouldn’t limit any creativity. Adding a few colorful accents like pillows or potted plants will also bring the area to life.

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